Community Outreach

Dunham House residents have the opportunity to participate weekly with a local community group called Free Wheeling.  Free Wheeling is a local community charity based in Cowansville, Quebec for young adults living with an autism spectrum disorder, an intellectual disability, and/or at-risk- students in junior high and high school.   These young people attend Free Wheeling clinics and learn bicycle refurbishment and bicycle mechanics.

Our residents work hand-in-hand with these young people and together foster an environment of cooperation, understanding and learning about working together.

Dunham House Model Of Community Outreach

Our goal is for our residents to learn the benefits of community volunteering and to experience the benefits of it firsthand.

  •  To learn to cooperate and collaborate with others
  • To learn understanding and compassion for others
  • To learn to follow instructions
  • To learn new skills and understanding of bicycle mechanics

No matter how big or how small, volunteer organizations require one to work collaboratively with others towards a common goal. Working harmoniously with others who may not have the same understanding or intellect requires patience and graciousness; often a learned life skill.

Volunteer participation is an important part of feeling part of the community and neighbourhood and there is a multitude of ways to volunteer!

Free Wheeling

Free Wheeling (Pleins Rayon) ’s mission is the positive social inclusion of individuals for whom finding their place in society is a challenge.  Opportunities to develop socio-professional skills through social economic projects and through various therapeutic recreation activities like working with bicycles helps to promote confidence and understanding.

For more information about Free Wheeling, visit their Website, or their Facebook page. You can help support Free Wheeling by making a small donation on their GoFundMe page too.