Art Therapy

Our residents participate in weekly pottery classes with an experienced pottery instructor. Instructions and demonstrations are given at the beginning of each pottery session, but all participants are encouraged to follow their own creative ideas. Participants learn to use their hands and improve their dexterity, explore textures, shapes, and colours; they also learn patience, attention to detail as well as delaying gratification in the multi-step process of making pottery while discovering their own creativity.

Some of the therapeutic benefits of Art Therapy include improved moods, feeling calm and centered and improved self-esteem. It is a mental break to get away from the thoughts and into our hands and be creative.

Dunham House Model of Art Therapy

The goal of our program is to offer each resident an opportunity to explore their own creativity by working with their hands in clay modeling.   Often this is the first time an individual has had an opportunity to work with clay and using one’s hands to make something from one’s own imagination can be a therapeutic way to learn about oneself.

The objective is for one to learn about oneself by touching, building and creating an object from one’s hands as a means to find inner peace and calmness while being totally engaged in a healthy and productive activity.

Creativity is the theme of the day and although some residents keep to more recognizable household items (mugs, plates, ashtrays), others explore a broader and more individualized use of the clay in sculpture and form.