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This is a very heartwarming testimonial we received from a recent graduate of our Core Program who is out in the world living her best life, and we would like to highlight her story, and wish her the very best. She put in months of hard work, and as a result she’s out in the world living her life in a healthy way.

I had reached rock bottom, and instead of trying to make my way back up I got comfortable instead. I was living in my own reality, making one bad decision after another. I couldn’t control my impulsivity and pushed away all that was good for me.

Dunham House gave me hope. I felt safe throughout my whole program. With the help of a very genuine, supportive, and well-educated staff I was able to connect back to my roots, understood my self-worth, and I learned to manage my emotions rather than try to escape from them.

I learned how to incorporate everything I learned into a healthy daily routine. I finally gained control of my life and I will no longer let my addiction define me.

We applaud you, Anissa. We’re very proud of how far you’ve come!


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