Sports Therapy

At Dunham House, physical exercise and sports activities play an integral role in our residents’ program. Learning and understanding the personal benefits of physical exercise is an important component of one’s recovery journey.

Some of the benefits of regular exercise include: improved physical & mental health, increased self-esteem and self-confidence.  Physical exercise can lead one to experience a sense of personal growth and self- awareness.  Exercise and sports come in many different forms and it produces natural highs that are longer lasting than those “highs” produced by engaging in “self-medicated” substance use.

Additional benefits can include an improved sleep cycle and a new ability to find a safe outlet to let off steam and help to regulate one’s emotions such as anger and stress.

Residents are involved in some form of physical exercise every day. Often they are organized sports such as volleyball, soccer, or basketball; other times, it is leisure walks around the property taking in the sights and sounds of nature and views of the surrounding mountains.

Dunham House Model of Sports Therapy

The purpose of our program is to help each individual find the personal benefits of daily physical activity as a means to understand one’s self and to help regulate one’s emotions.  Organized team sports can:  introduce one to a new sport, learn or improve hand and motor skills, teach or improve the ability to concentrate and to “follow the ball” and as well, teach the rules and regulations of a specific sport for future enjoyment.

Participation in team sports builds teamwork, cooperation among peers and self-knowledge about one’s strengths, weaknesses and as well can improve one’s emotional state.

Residents learn for themselves the intrinsic benefits of being physically active which can positively benefit one’s emotional state and this self-knowledge can be used in the future to help them find ways to cope with their illness and personal challenges.

  • To learn the physical benefits of physical exercise
  • To learn about the emotional benefits of physical exercise
  • To enjoy learning and improving new skills (soccer, basketball etc.)
  • To learn to work as a team towards a common goal
  • To learn to appreciate the simple joy of taking a walk and appreciating one’s surroundings. At Dunham House, that includes taking in the surrounding natural beauty of mountain vistas, lush rolling countryside and the expansive country sky.

We have two main themes that are spread out throughout the week. One is to learn to appreciate the benefits of simple nature walks as a means of self-calming and self-regulation. The other is to participate and learn new skills while playing a team sport and working towards a common goal.

Our sports themes are seasonal and are geared to winter and summer activities.

Our Activities

We offer different type of activities depending on the weather. Nature walks happen all year round and there is nothing like a brisk walk on a beautiful winter day! We also have a well-equipped gym.

Our other sports activities include team sports and are listed below.

  • Nature Walks

  • Snowshoeing

  • Basketball

  • Kickball

  • Soccer

  • Volleyball

  • Shadow Boxing

  • Weight Training