Music Therapy

Our residents participate in weekly music therapy workshops with an accredited music therapist.

Music can be used in a variety of ways in order to express one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours and can help individuals who have difficulty with verbal articulation.

Residents have the option of two different groups: instrumental and/or choir, depending on which they find suited to their personal comfort level and enjoyment level.

In addition, during each session, residents are invited to share their stories and shared experiences by listening to songs they find meaningful. These moments of open sharing forge personal bonds and encourage the creation of meaningful links within the group.

Music therapy sessions are open and non-judgmental spaces where participants can express themselves and share the pleasure of music.

Dunham House Model of Music Therapy

Our goal is to encourage open and honest dialogue with others within the context of listening to shared music.

Enjoyment and taste in different music genres is unique and individual to the person listening to it.

Music can evoke a multitude of memories and emotions. Learning to share and understand where these thoughts and emotions come from can have an impact on how we grow to understand ourselves better.

  • To learn to express one’s self through shared music
  • To learn to appreciate other’s taste in music
  • To understand why some music/lyrics or “beat” offers solace or joy
  • To understand how music makes one feel and how to find that “better” place when one needs too
  • To learn to express one’s self through the use of instruments
  • To learn cooperation and respect for others when one is “jamming” together

Music is everywhere and easily accessible through the radio, the internet and even in the shopping mall!  It provides us with a link to the outside world, both past and present where we can generate emotion and calm our inner selves.

Learning to understand how music can and does play a role in our lives gives us another tool to cope with days when they are not going as planned and helps to center us and find our inner calm.

Learned skills like the benefits have music therapy can have a positive and far-reaching impact on our lives.

Our Instruments

Our residents are able to choose from a variety of instruments to play during our weekly Music Therapy sessions.

The music room is also open after 4:00 pm and available to them during rest and break-time.

  • Acoustic Guitar

  • Electric Guitar

  • Electric Bass

  • Electric Keyboard

  • Bongos

  • Maracas

  • Drum Set

  • Piano

  • Djembe

  • Rain Drum

  • Glockenspiel
  • Ukulele