About Us

Dunham House is a residential treatment centre for individuals suffering from mental health and concurrent disorders, including addiction. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of people overcome a wide variety of challenges that life has thrown their way.

We offer two residential programs:  one, an intensive one-month individualized program (which can be extended) and the other, a six-month program that offers the same core program with additional life and home skills at a slower pace. Potential residents and their families can choose the program that best suits their needs.  Our programs offer a psycho-educational program of workshops, group counselling, lectures, and residential responsibilities to help each individual develop the skills to deal with their illnesses and to have a better quality of life.

Therapeutic activities such as art, music, yoga, and equine assisted therapy round out our programs and are offered throughout the week.

Our professional and accredited staff work tirelessly and are there for our residents 24/7. In summer, residents are able to benefit from our “garden to table” experience and enjoy the fresh produce from our 4,000 square foot vegetable and herb garden.  Although still in the developmental stage, our garden will form the cornerstone of our new horticultural therapy program.

Dunham House is the only residential facility of its kind in Quebec that operates in English; as such, Dunham House provides a vital and much-needed resource for the English-speaking community and for the various hospitals, doctors and social workers that work with the English-speaking community in Quebec. Although accredited by the Quebec government, Dunham House is not government owned or operated but is owned by a non-profit corporation that is a registered Canadian charity.

Our Mission

We are a residential treatment centre for individuals suffering from mental health and concurrent disorders including addiction. We develop an individualized intervention program for each resident which includes counselling, psycho-educational workshops and therapeutic activities that foster an environment of learning and personal self-discovery as a means to better cope with one’s illness and live a better-quality life.